Sponsors 2024

Updated: 06/11/24


We can’t express our gratitude enough for these fine Organizations & Senior Friendly Companies who continue to support the Expos and our Senior’s Community...

The best Seniors Newspaper in the Province, serving us for over 21 years.  Proud to have Senior Scope as our ‘Print Sponsor’ once again. Thank you Senior Scope for being our collective voice to our community and the world.

Click on the Newspaper icons for that months PDF copy!

Back with us for another year as a Sponsor and one of our communities greatest advocates for Seniors Health & Well-Being. The list of service AAIM has brought this community over the years can’t be underscored.  Simply, outstanding and thank you for what you all do for us!  AAIM is the amazing organizer of the Manitoba 55+ Games this June 2024 in Brandon Manitoba.

This year we welcome back Comforts of Home Care as one of our cherished Sponsors. This ‘Home-Grown’ Manitoba company excels as a legitimate leader in our Home-Care Industry.  Serving all ages and the needs of those requiring Home-Care. An honor to have them with us again.  Leadership does have a heart as COHC will attest!

Diamond Athletic & Medical Supplies Inc. out of the

Pan-Am Clinic on Taylor Avenue, is legendary in their service and commitment to helping Manitobans in their healing journeys. A returning Pros Know Expos stalwart and great friend.

KLD Law joined PKE last year and immediately made a lasting impact.  Helping those seniors who require more than just cookie-cutter templated Wills & Estates, they work with their clients to provide them with finished documents that will best represent their wishes moving forward. 

Well done! www.kldlaw.ca

It’s rare that you find someone so young who can relate to those of us so much older, but Joshua is a prime example of those who genuinely care about helping older adults make those major life transitions from a life-long home to new accommodations.  His fourth year with PKE and his

track-record speaks for itself.

Featuring Independent and Assisted Living suites, Linden Pointe continues to shine as a leader in older adult lifestyle changes and accommodations.  Thank you Linden Pointe for your commitment to high-end retirement living and lifestyle.

This Winnipeg owned and operated seniors moving company, has deep roots originating from past lives in various institutional entities dealing with the needs of our older population in transition.  Simply put, they truly get it, because they’ve seen the scope of the need. From decluttering, packing, moving and setting up, they don’t meet expectations, they exceed them every single time.  Another returning fourth year sponsor! Thank-you TSMC

Please remember to come by and say ‘Hi!’ to these amazing community leaders at our Expos this year.  Engage and learn what they can do for you, your family and your community.  A true riches of

well-being resources at your finger tips!

The Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba (LTCAM) is a non-profit organization representing over 10,000 elderly individuals and staff across Manitoba's care continuum. Established in 1959, LTCAM has grown to include non-profit and private Assisted Living

Supportive Housing